How We Adapted: Our COVID-19 Story

               Our year here at Newave Group Inc. started just how we expected. We traveled to Las Vegas, NV, to attend a 2020 kickoff conference. Here, we brainstormed with our colleagues and prepared our annual goals. As far as we knew, we were about to have our best year yet. However, once we reached March, we knew that we were about to face months of worry and unknown; the COVID-19 virus had reached the United States. In no time at all, our day-to-day lives were turned upside down. However, we are resilient here at Newave Group Inc., and we were not about to let anything, not even a global pandemic, stand in the way of our success. How did we adapt? Continue reading to find out!

               Once we understood the seriousness of the virus, we acted quickly. Our first step was to temporarily shut our doors and send our team member’s home. Keeping our people and our community members safe was our top priority. We didn’t waste away our time in quarantine. Instead, we held daily Zoom meetings where we offered development training, invited guest speakers to share their knowledge, and had virtual team nights! Thanks to modern-day technology, we were able to transition to working from home without skipping a beat.

               Next, we had to adjust our leadership techniques. Our people were facing an obstacle that we hadn’t encountered before. To help them, we knew that we needed to be open, vulnerable, and authentic. Each week, we checked in with our team members and kept them in the loop with everything going on behind the scenes. They needed to know that we were working hard to keep them safe and taken care of. We also let them know how we were doing; we were honest about our own worries and fears.

The number one thing that we learned is that being a strong leader has less to do with what you know and more to do with how you treat and communicate with others.

               It is more than exciting that we can announce that we have reopened our doors here at Newave Group Inc. and that we are looking to hire a few new candidates to help us wrap up the year with a bang! We know that there are many qualified candidates out there that lost their jobs, and we want to help! Thanks to our resilience and consistency over the months, our business is thriving even though our country is still battling this pandemic. For consideration, email your resume to

               So far, 2020 has been a whirlwind. Each time an obstacle landed in our path, we pulled together as a team and worked to overcome. This year has taught us many things, and it has also shown us just how strong we are. We may not have foreseen all that would happen this year, but we are thankful that we are coming out the other side better and stronger than ever. Stay tuned, because the year isn’t over yet!

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