How to Maintain Focus in 2021

Our team here at Newave Group Inc. has decided to call 2020 our practice year. The COVID-19 pandemic threw us for a loop, but it did teach us how to persevere and thrive in difficult situations. Before we head any further into the new year, we wanted to talk about focus and its role in achieving goals. As we learned over the past few months, you never know what obstacles will land in your path. The key is to remain calm and adaptable. When you maintain focus on the task at hand, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Easier said than done, we know. To help you get into the right mindset before tackling your 2021 goals, we’ve put together a few tips!

Rid yourself of distractions

Giving your all to your goals daily can be challenging after a while, and we understand that sometimes your brain needs a break. However, there is a difference between taking five minutes to clear your head and getting lost on social media for two hours. To excel this year, you need to rid yourself of distractions. When you’re working, put your social media on lockdown; this way, you’ll receive no notifications that could potentially pull your mind away from your work.

Fuel your body

A healthy body guarantees a strong mind, and to develop into the best version of you, you need to be in tip-top shape!

Staying focused requires a brain that is getting the fuel it needs to thrive.

Our advice, start your day by moving your body, whether that be going for a run or doing thirty minutes of yoga. Next, feed your body foods that promote brain health and focus, like kale, spinach, blueberries, and walnuts.

Sip on coffee throughout the day

You read that right, coffee lovers! Studies show that sipping on coffee, or any caffeinated beverage, throughout the day, helps you maintain focus. Now, don’t go all in and chug a cup every twenty minutes; the key is small doses of caffeine. For many, this may be the easiest tip to implement!


Did you know that the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night? Sleep does more than rest your body; it refreshes your brain and improves cognitive function. Achieving your goals requires more than desire and a strong work ethic. You need to practice self-care this year and actively work to make your needs a priority.

As you can see, these tips are pretty self-explanatory and relatively easy to add to your daily routine. A few lifestyle changes are all you need to guarantee success over the upcoming months. For us here at Newave Group Inc., we are ready for what this year will bring us. We have high hopes that success will be on the agenda, but we will be mentally prepared no matter what.

Our word of the year is focus, and we hope that it’s yours as well. Remember, a focused mind can withstand anything!

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